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26 September 1988
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CHRONIAM Patient Card (Clinic for the Highly Reactive, Obsessive and Incurable Anime Maniacs)

Name of Patient: sairenmizuko
Age: Confidential due to patient's request
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual, though the patient has exhibited forms of flirting with members of the same sex.

Medical History: Patient appears to exhibit no symptoms of excessive mania. Appears to have a normal school life. However, the patient has shown hypersensitivity to words related to Anime, to which the patient becomes hyper, talking at an extremely fast rate and at a higher pitch. The patient is also classified as Type-Y Mania, that is, exhibiting allergic reactions to anything pertaining to Yaoi or Boy Love. Such signs include high excitability, hyper fangirlism, and in extreme cases, sudden hemophilia (translate: sugar-high, squealing, nosebleeding). While the patient keeps her Mania condition under control by means of other interests (avid reading, music, writing), the patient still display certain characteristics of Mania, as seen in her manner of dressing and talking.

Allergies: Badly written plot, uninteresting anime, stupid, annoying characters and screwed up dubbing.
Medication: A controlled dose of wholesome manganime, bishies and BL. Theme songs, OPs and EDs are recommended supplementaries. Glucose is optional.