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Mind is going....
fairy tail
The fact that I can still write in here with a fair coherence is proof that I have not gone nuts....yet. But I have made quite a few mistakes in my haste to type, contracted from all the speedy typing I did for my thesis proposal. Surely a sign of my fraying nerves... Just to soothe them, I have allowed myself to slip back into the indulgence of this semi-Reformation (or was is Restoration) civility in conversations, which I so rarely use.
Indeed, speaking like this in any normal conversation will surely warrant unwanted suppositions about my nature (possibly high-strung) or even elicit comments most unfair (likely ridicule). Don't mind me in my hour of self-absorption, which I assure you, doesn not happen very often. But it is necessary, I believe, to retain that very fine balance between work-torn insanity and my current...hum..unusual state. After all, what is a student of the fragile mechanism we call the mind to do but impose some form of strange (and hardly useful) defense mechanism, just to illuminate her eccentricity? So do indulge this silly little conversation, and let me be quite strange.



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