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I haven't been so irritated...
fairy tail
sairenmizuko a groupmate in a while.

Said project was a serial killer assignment where we had to create a case file of serial murders, profile victims, suspects and report how we caught the killer. Deadline is tomorrow...Groupmate A and I stayed long into the night to finish up on Tues. Banzai!

Then come Wed, groupmate B, who's oh-so-prone to nay-saying, started peppering us liberally with comments of "Why this, why that?". She must think I'm stupid, because I didn't justify the signature of the serial killer....Hello, if the serial killer doesn't tell the cops why his signature for killing is putting it so, you can't put it in the record la!

So back and forth we go, while groupmates A, C, and D sort of looked on. Haih...then I gave up, said change whatever you want...I don't give a damn anymore man...

And so today I woke up, having a packed schedule, and these people have the guts to call me and say to come and discuss the 'changes' in the assignments..what changes? So I thought I could squeeze in 5 mins. I went there and lo! Groupmate B said she has a list of things she wanted to change.


I'm glad I was feeling a little too sick to show her my expression. I was like, bloody hell, you want to change it NOW!? One bloody day before submission?? And on top of that, it wasn't like...good changes...but it was not so significant, so I didn't push it, but...You could've have told us you wanted to change the *beep* assignment like a few *beep* days earlier, before Groupmate A and I slaved off it! But okay...I don't wanna argue it...what with my fading voice and all, so I just said okay.

So just moments ago, I received the hopefully final version to edit and proofread and stuff....and oh, I feel like crying...The process of the arrest and justifications have been changed...and it looks so stupid now. I don't know if she got her facts right. Police can't touch anything without a search warrant, including the workplace/office! And she's saying that because they saw something in the offender's office (a photo of his mum and a bible phrase) they can issue warrant...what? You got it illegally in the first place!! It should be warrant->office-> home, not office->warrant->home! 

 Argh, and on top of that, it makes the serial killer looks like a moron, when all the kills were performed with such details! Argh! I have no more words for this...

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you know how i feel about it

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