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fairy tail

Just over the weekend, I decided to check out the latest development with Gackt...since I've been really behind. I listened to his new songs, and watched the PVs. Checked out his recent activities and looked at the newest merchandise. Dear God, I want his live compilations, but they cost so much T_T Damn...

Anyway, on a whim, I decided to watch some of his old videos and lives. Although I like most of the things he put out, there is one song in particular that I never get tired of, and that song is called Fragrance. And watching the only 3 lives which I could find on Youtube has reminded me why I love this man so much.

Fans will remember the time he had a make-out session with his mike-stand on the Kagen no Tsuki tour. Fangirls held their breaths and those who have fantasies about men in uniforms had one of their dreams come true. The first time I watched it, I almost passed out from the sheer sexiness of it. But then, there came the Drug Party tour...which totally killed me. The bit of monologue he had just before the song made me squee (Neon, he said "Itami wa kairaku ni kawatte yuku"...that's soooo up your alley), but it wasn't just that. His subtle movements, his expression...the swaying of the hips *nosebleeds* On top of that he was wearing mesh...MESH! *ohdearlordidie* To me, that was waaaaaaaayyyy hotter than the KnT performance.

I swear, if there's any human being who is the embodiment of sex, that would definitely be Gackt. I've seen a fair few of JRockers...but he's still the hottest one for me. Now that I'm done getting that out of my head, I'm gonna head off to rewatch that video kthxbye. XD


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