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Hitting off the new decade
fairy tail

The new year has come and gone, and right now, I can't afford to think about much else but college. Once again, I'm attempting to drive myself nuts by taking 5 subjects, one of which is thesis, which, btw, is contributing 80%to my going nuts.

I'm still feeling the effects of the crazy last sem, a little burnt out, not really feeling like going back to college. But, with all good spirits, and great friends, I made a pretty good recovery. Now my mission is to hunt for the correct subjects so I can get a good schedule, learn something useful and relevant, get (reasonably) good grades and hopefully, still be sane by the end of 4 months.
So far, thesis is slowly driving me up the wall as I realise what exactly I've set myself up with by picking this topic and design. The 2 cores look okay so far, with one experimental assignment in anticipation. And the remaining electives will be by the same lecturer, who, befitting all the rumours I've heard, is as long-winded as someone her age could be. On top of that, sitting in for possibly the toughest subject of the semester (Psychological testing), which I initially wanted to take, but was scared off by the high risk of a C or worse. So technically, 6 subjects. Overachiever syndrome.
But I digress. My Fairy Tail fever is at its pitch point, for reasons I cannot fathom. It's not like it's a new series I'm following, but for some weird, weird, reason, I'm all moe and kyaa~ over it. It's not a *pretty* me, the characters don't look sparkly or host-ish or girlish. In fact, the girls are really pretty, some of the guys are really cool, in a non-feminine way (how often do you hear me say that?) and some character designs are downright WEIRD! From the mangaka of Rave, I'm not too surprised. I'm impressed and enamoured by Fairy Tail's endearing and humourous storyline.
Oh, my fav? Unsurprisingly, Natsu and Gray, but seriously, they're the 2 manliest characters which I've liked since, I don't know. But doesn't mean I don't ship them. Natsu and Gray are sooo together! Really, with these two, they're both reversible, which is always cool. Like how they always argue but is always telling each other not to die. BL fangirl biases, but who cares. I know how people like Natsu with Lucy, but I like Lucy with Loke. Seriously, those two are super cute together. And needless to say, Erza belongs with Gerard. Full stop. So yes, while I should be reading journals for my thesis, I'm rereading the Fairy Tail manga for maybe the 4th time, I lost count.


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