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Gah, I want Seiza Kareshi Libra vers....Ishida Akira.... *headdesk* 

Are you the SMS type or phonecall type?
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Just a very, very random thought...

Over the cell, how many of you are the SMS type, how many are the phone call type? And why? I'm just...really curious.

For the record, I'm the SMS type. Prefer it since I'm usually stuck in class for long hours, so it's easier if people send me messages, then I can reply at leisure. With my family, I call them more often, but even then, my mum will send a message to ensure that I'm free to talk first haha.

Script Frenzy!?
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Ah...after being notified by Airene that Script Frenzy is starting in April, I went off and did something crazy...taking part. So now I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to churn out 100 pages in one month...on top of my exams and assignments, and other things.

It doesn't help that the persisting idea in my head is currently that all my main casts are inspired by Vocaloid songs, and somehow the script is going to be less of a script that a story...but I guess this could work out. It sound pretty refreshing, and maybe this will motivate me to get back into drafting an original script after so long.

Mind is going....
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The fact that I can still write in here with a fair coherence is proof that I have not gone nuts....yet. But I have made quite a few mistakes in my haste to type, contracted from all the speedy typing I did for my thesis proposal. Surely a sign of my fraying nerves... Just to soothe them, I have allowed myself to slip back into the indulgence of this semi-Reformation (or was is Restoration) civility in conversations, which I so rarely use.
Indeed, speaking like this in any normal conversation will surely warrant unwanted suppositions about my nature (possibly high-strung) or even elicit comments most unfair (likely ridicule). Don't mind me in my hour of self-absorption, which I assure you, doesn not happen very often. But it is necessary, I believe, to retain that very fine balance between work-torn insanity and my current...hum..unusual state. After all, what is a student of the fragile mechanism we call the mind to do but impose some form of strange (and hardly useful) defense mechanism, just to illuminate her eccentricity? So do indulge this silly little conversation, and let me be quite strange.


Something like a writing tag...
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Because I challenged the great Ayanami-sama, I shall now reap what I sowed...

The first TEN FIVE people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble/fic of any pairing/character (that fit the fandoms listed bellow). In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.


  • 07-Ghost
  • Fairy Tail 
  • Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee)
  • Naruto
  • Pandora Hearts
  • DGrayman
  • Dissidia
Een though it said any pairing/character...gah, guess I'll just try.

Request List:
1. a_songfor_xx Ayanami/Hyuuga
2. gerai_neon 14th!Allen/Tiki or Alice/Oz/Gil
3. may_billy Albel/Fayt or Frau/Teito *I'm so decided on SO3 XD* 
4. miura_mika  Kanda/Lavi

Fairy Tail fangirlism attacks
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Which Fairy Tail Guy Is Right For You?
Your Result: Gray Fullbuster

The usually cool guy who turns out to be much more than just a good-looking face (and body). You got that right! He's smart and cunning, but slightly shy when it comes to love. He's unexpectedly cuter than he looks and extremely caring, despite his cold exterior.

Natsu Dragneel
Gazille Redfox
Luxus Dreyar
Which Fairy Tail Guy Is Right For You?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

THIS IS PROOF!!! But it's okay, Gray, I don't mind you with Natsu. I have serious fangirling issues.

Hitting off the new decade
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The new year has come and gone, and right now, I can't afford to think about much else but college. Once again, I'm attempting to drive myself nuts by taking 5 subjects, one of which is thesis, which, btw, is contributing 80%to my going nuts.

I'm still feeling the effects of the crazy last sem, a little burnt out, not really feeling like going back to college. But, with all good spirits, and great friends, I made a pretty good recovery. Now my mission is to hunt for the correct subjects so I can get a good schedule, learn something useful and relevant, get (reasonably) good grades and hopefully, still be sane by the end of 4 months.
So far, thesis is slowly driving me up the wall as I realise what exactly I've set myself up with by picking this topic and design. The 2 cores look okay so far, with one experimental assignment in anticipation. And the remaining electives will be by the same lecturer, who, befitting all the rumours I've heard, is as long-winded as someone her age could be. On top of that, sitting in for possibly the toughest subject of the semester (Psychological testing), which I initially wanted to take, but was scared off by the high risk of a C or worse. So technically, 6 subjects. Overachiever syndrome.
But I digress. My Fairy Tail fever is at its pitch point, for reasons I cannot fathom. It's not like it's a new series I'm following, but for some weird, weird, reason, I'm all moe and kyaa~ over it. It's not a *pretty* anime...trust me, the characters don't look sparkly or host-ish or girlish. In fact, the girls are really pretty, some of the guys are really cool, in a non-feminine way (how often do you hear me say that?) and some character designs are downright WEIRD! From the mangaka of Rave, I'm not too surprised. I'm impressed and enamoured by Fairy Tail's endearing and humourous storyline.
Oh, my fav? Unsurprisingly, Natsu and Gray, but seriously, they're the 2 manliest characters which I've liked since, I don't know. But doesn't mean I don't ship them. Natsu and Gray are sooo together! Really, with these two, they're both reversible, which is always cool. Like how they always argue but is always telling each other not to die. BL fangirl biases, but who cares. I know how people like Natsu with Lucy, but I like Lucy with Loke. Seriously, those two are super cute together. And needless to say, Erza belongs with Gerard. Full stop. So yes, while I should be reading journals for my thesis, I'm rereading the Fairy Tail manga for maybe the 4th time, I lost count.

I haven't been so irritated...
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....at a groupmate in a while.

Said project was a serial killer assignment where we had to create a case file of serial murders, profile victims, suspects and report how we caught the killer. Deadline is tomorrow...Groupmate A and I stayed long into the night to finish up on Tues. Banzai!

Then come Wed, groupmate B, who's oh-so-prone to nay-saying, started peppering us liberally with comments of "Why this, why that?". She must think I'm stupid, because I didn't justify the signature of the serial killer....Hello, if the serial killer doesn't tell the cops why his signature for killing is putting it so, you can't put it in the record la!

So back and forth we go, while groupmates A, C, and D sort of looked on. Haih...then I gave up, said change whatever you want...I don't give a damn anymore man...

And so today I woke up, having a packed schedule, and these people have the guts to call me and say to come and discuss the 'changes' in the assignments..what changes? So I thought I could squeeze in 5 mins. I went there and lo! Groupmate B said she has a list of things she wanted to change.


I'm glad I was feeling a little too sick to show her my expression. I was like, bloody hell, you want to change it NOW!? One bloody day before submission?? And on top of that, it wasn't like...good changes...but it was not so significant, so I didn't push it, but...You could've have told us you wanted to change the *beep* assignment like a few *beep* days earlier, before Groupmate A and I slaved off it! But okay...I don't wanna argue it...what with my fading voice and all, so I just said okay.

So just moments ago, I received the hopefully final version to edit and proofread and stuff....and oh, I feel like crying...The process of the arrest and justifications have been changed...and it looks so stupid now. I don't know if she got her facts right. Police can't touch anything without a search warrant, including the workplace/office! And she's saying that because they saw something in the offender's office (a photo of his mum and a bible phrase) they can issue warrant...what? You got it illegally in the first place!! It should be warrant->office-> home, not office->warrant->home! 

 Argh, and on top of that, it makes the serial killer looks like a moron, when all the kills were performed with such details! Argh! I have no more words for this...

A musing about serial killers
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You have to give credit to those serial killers...I had no idea it was so hard to plan smart and successful homocides...so much of the logistics you need to think of. @_@ MO, signature, where the evidence goes, how to dispose evidence, how to fool the cops etc... @_@

fairy tail

Just over the weekend, I decided to check out the latest development with Gackt...since I've been really behind. I listened to his new songs, and watched the PVs. Checked out his recent activities and looked at the newest merchandise. Dear God, I want his live compilations, but they cost so much T_T Damn...

Anyway, on a whim, I decided to watch some of his old videos and lives. Although I like most of the things he put out, there is one song in particular that I never get tired of, and that song is called Fragrance. And watching the only 3 lives which I could find on Youtube has reminded me why I love this man so much.

Fans will remember the time he had a make-out session with his mike-stand on the Kagen no Tsuki tour. Fangirls held their breaths and those who have fantasies about men in uniforms had one of their dreams come true. The first time I watched it, I almost passed out from the sheer sexiness of it. But then, there came the Drug Party tour...which totally killed me. The bit of monologue he had just before the song made me squee (Neon, he said "Itami wa kairaku ni kawatte yuku"...that's soooo up your alley), but it wasn't just that. His subtle movements, his expression...the swaying of the hips *nosebleeds* On top of that he was wearing mesh...MESH! *ohdearlordidie* To me, that was waaaaaaaayyyy hotter than the KnT performance.

I swear, if there's any human being who is the embodiment of sex, that would definitely be Gackt. I've seen a fair few of JRockers...but he's still the hottest one for me. Now that I'm done getting that out of my head, I'm gonna head off to rewatch that video kthxbye. XD


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